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“It’s really nice seeing each other grow up, watching the band evolve. I think we’ve really (not had to) choose career or family life, we’ve been able to have both and that’s been really important to us.” – Frankie

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Tonight we're on a massive attack, Yeah baby I'm a party freak, And there's no going back, But can you handle that?

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Semana 003, Day 03: Álbuns Favoritos [2/2]

'Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits' (The Saturdays)

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The Saturdays Challenge 2.0: Day 6 Favourite Sats Friendship: Frollie.

‘’Oh, you look really good today,’ then ‘No, you look great today!’ and I said: wouldn’t we make a good couple? We’d make each other feel good about ourselves!

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